Master of Pastoral Studies / Master of Business Administration Program

The dual Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Business Administration (M.P.S./M.B.A.) is designed for current and future religious leaders seeking greater knowledge of business practices and for current and future business leaders seeking a greater understanding of spirituality and the religious search for meaning that underpins all human efforts.

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2013-2014 MPS/MBA On-Campus Degree Program Course Listing (DPCL)


Currently, LIM students may register for up to 6 credits in the College of Business at the discounted LIM tuition rate. All other College of Business courses will be taken at the College of Business tuition rate. Current tuition and fee schedules are available through the Office of Student Finance.

Program Requirements

Upon completion of the program, the student will be awarded two separate degrees. The requirements for both must be completed, however, before either degree can be awarded. The student must be enrolled in both degree programs simultaneously in order to take advantage of the tuition and credit hour discounts.

Students failing to meet all of the requirements of the program are awarded the Master of Pastoral Studies or Master of Business Administration degree only if they fulfill the complete, non-reduced, requirements for the individual degree as outlined in the Loyola Institute for Ministry or College of Business bulletins, respectively.

Degree Requirements

Students need to complete the foundation courses in both the Institute for Ministry and College of Business before taking the core courses. Students will finish with a capstone.

MPS Foundation Courses: 18 credit hours
LIM C703 Introduction to Practical Theology (1st course) 3 crs.
LIM C711 Jewish Roots of Christian Faith (Old Testament) 3 crs.
LIM C712 Christian Origins (New Testament) 3 crs.
LIM C714 Grace, Christ, and Spirit (prerequisite: LIM C703) 3 crs.
LIM C722 Church, Sacraments, and Liturgy 3 crs.
LIM C704 Spirituality, Morality, and Ethics 3 crs.
MPS Focus Area Courses: 6 credit hours (Choose two)
LIM C819 Spirituality and the Theology of Work 3 crs.
LIM C820 Ministry in the Marketplace 3 crs.
LIM C844 Parish Life and Ministry 3 crs.
LIM C845 Contemporary Issues in Pastoral Ministry 3 crs.

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MBA Foundation: 18 credit hours
ACCT B601 Financial Accounting* 3 crs.
DECS B601 Statistics* 3 crs.
ECON B603 Economics* 3 crs.
FIN B601 Financial Management* 3 crs.
LGST B600 Ethical and Legal Compliance* 3 crs.
MGT B600 Managerial Communication* 3 crs.

*Foundation level courses can be waived if you completed the undergraduate level equivalent course at an AACSB-accredited institution within the last seven years and earned a grade of B- or better. To see if your school is AACSB accredited, visit  If you do not meet the above requirements, you may take a waiver exam.  Waiver exams are $75 each and must be taken within your first semester as an MBA Student.

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MBA Core Courses: 27 credit hours
MGT B705 Business Professionalism 3 crs.
MGT B711 Management Science and Operations (Prerequisites: DECS 601, MGT 725) 3 crs.
MGT B725 Leadership Dynamics (Prerequisites: MGT 600, DECS 601) 3 crs.
BA B750 Total Global Strategy 3 crs.
MKT B700 Marketing Management (Prerequisite: FIN B601) 3 crs.
DECS B700 Business Analytics (Prerequisite DECS B601) 3 crs.
MGT B735 High Performance Work Systems 3 crs.
ACCT B715 Management Control and Decision Making 3 crs.
FIN B700 Advanced Financial Management  3 crs.

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MBA Community Service and Capstone Courses: 3 credit hours
BA B795 Community Service 0 crs.
BA B855 Capstone* 3 crs.

 * Note: The capstone course must be taken during the last semester in residence.  A grade of B (3.0) or higher is required.

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