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2013-2014 CPS Extesnion Certificate in Pastoral Studies Course Listing (DPCL)

Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Pastoral Studies (C.P.S.) is a 36 credit, continuing education version of the Master of Pastoral Studies degree program. All courses are taken for continuing education credits (CEUs), at the current continuing education tuition rate at LIM. In pursuing the Certificate in Pastoral Studies, students select a focus area and follow the same overall curriculum as candidates for the Master of Pastoral Studies degree. Certificate requirements consist of:

CEU or “certificate” students receive continuing education units as defined by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Three CEUs are granted for each course in the program and are recorded on a Loyola CEU transcript. These are kept in the permanent records of the Office of Student Records.

Full participation in the learning group’s activities and reading assignments are required of CEU students. Papers, examinations, or other work assigned for evaluation of graduate students in common curriculum courses are not required by Loyola of CEU students, except as specifically required in the focus area courses. For the focus area courses, CEU students must submit special CEU written assignments. All CEU students who successfully complete the 36-hour program will be granted a Certificate of Pastoral Studies. 

Theological Core Courses: 18 CEUs
LIM 703 Introduction to Practical Theology 3 CEUs
LIM 711 Jewish Roots of Christian Faith (Old Testament) 3 CEUs
LIM 712 Christian Origins (New Testament) 3 CEUs
LIM 714 Grace, Christ, and Spirit 3 CEUs
LIM 722 Church, Sacraments, and Liturgy 3 CEUs
LIM 704 Spirituality, Morality, and Ethics 3 CEUs

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Ministry and Religious Education Context Courses and Capstone Course: 12 CEUs
LIM 840 Faith and Culture 3 CEUs
LIM 860 Faith Development and Spirituality 3 CEUs
LIM 861 Pastoral Leadership and Organization 3 CEUs
LIM 886 Pastoral and Educational Praxis 3 CEUs

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Focus Area Courses: 6 CEUs 
Christian Spirituality for Ministry
LIM 827 Spirituality for Ministers 3 CEUs
LIM 828 History of Christian Spirituality 3 CEUs
Hispanic Ministry
LIM 833 Hispanic Experience of Religion and Culture 3 CEUs
LIM 834 Pastoral Ministry in Hispanic Communities 3 CEUs
Marketplace Ministry
LIM 819 Spirituality and the Theology of Work 3 CEUs
LIM 820 Ministry in the Marketplace 3 CEUs
Pastoral Care
LIM 849 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling 3 CEUs
CNSL A830 Counseling Theories 3 CEUs
CNSL A835 Counseling Practice 3 CEUs
CNSL A836 Individual Counseling Skills Lab 1 cr,
LIM 897 Practicum: Clinical Pastoral Training (CPT) 2 CEUs
Pastoral Life and Administration
LIM 844 Parish Life and Ministry  3 CEUs
LIM 861 Pastoral Leadership and Organization 3 CEUs
Religion and Ecology
LIM 813 The Universe as Divine Manifestation 3 CEUs
LIM 814 The Emergent Universe: Our Sacred Story 3 CEUs
Small Christian Community Formation
LIM 809 Inner Life of Small Christian Communities 3 CEUs
LIM 810 Public Life of Small Christian Communities 3 CEUs
Youth Ministry
LIM 870 Foundations of Youth Ministry 3 CEUs
LIM 876 Adolescent Spirituality and Methods of Faith Development 3 CEUs

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