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2013-2014 MRE Online Degree Program Course Listing (DPCL)

Degree Requirements

The Master Religious Education (M.R.E.) is a 36-credit hour degree program. All courses are taken for graduate credit hours (crs), at the current tuition rate at LIM. Program requirements consist of:

Theological Core Courses: 18 credit hours
LIM G703 Introduction to Practical Theology 3 crs.
LIM G711 Jewish Roots of Christian Faith (Old Testament) 3 crs.
LIM G712 Christian Origins (New Testament) 3 crs.
LIM G714 Grace, Christ, and Spirit 3 crs.
LIM G722 Church, Sacraments, and Liturgy 3 crs.
LIM G704 Spirituality, Morality, and Ethics 3 crs.
Focus Area Courses: 12 credit hours
LIM G701 Foundations of Religious Education 3 crs.
LIM G715 Curriculum Development 3 crs.

LIM C716

LIM C800

Religious Education across the Curriculum or 

Catechetical Leadership

3 crs.
LIM G886 Pastoral and Educational Praxis 3 crs.
Elective Courses: 6 credit hours, normally other focus area courses, to be selected by student in consultation with advisor View elective course descriptions » 


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