Civil Law Electives (LCIV)

LCIV L805 Louisiana Criminal Procedure 3 hrs.
This course involves a detailed study of the actual process of criminal prosecution from the bringing of charges to final conviction, appeal, and post-conviction remedies. The Louisiana Codes of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure are studied as models of modern systems of criminal law and procedure.

LCIV L810 Title Examination 1 hr.
This course covers the substantive law and the technique used in the examination of titles to Louisiana immovable property. Practical problems will be presented in the description of property, the derivation of titles, and the drafting of documents conveying or encumbering immovable property.

LCIV L861 Louisiana Probate Seminar 2 hrs.
Knowledge of the substantive law of inheritance is a prerequisite. This seminar features the handling of decedents’ estates pursuant to the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure and other applicable law. Particular attention is given to the prompt settlement of creditors’ claims and legacies at the lowest costs. The administration of minors’ estates and estates of interdicted persons also are considered.

LCIV L862 Louisiana Probate 3 hrs.
This course covers substantially the same range of material as LCIV L861 in a course format.

LCIV L900 Civil Law of Persons 3 hrs.
This course covers the Louisiana law of domicile, marriage, divorce, annulment, custody and alimony, legitimacy of children, parental authority over children, adoption proceedings, minority, tutorship, emancipation, and interdiction.

LCIV L921 Louisiana Secured Transactions 3 hrs.
This course covers all aspects of security in movables under Chapter 9 of the Louisiana Commercial Code:  the creation of a security interest, perfection of a security interest, priorities between competing security interests, protection of the consignor or depositor of movables, security interest in accounts receivable, priorities between a security interest and other interests in movables, and redemption and execution of security interests.  The course also covers the relationship of security interests in movables to the Louisiana system of security rights in general, and the  basic principles of bankruptcy that are relevant to secured transactions.

LCIV L930 Community Property 3 hrs.
This course concerns matrimonial regimes governing ownership and management of property of married persons in Louisiana. Characterization of property, creditors’ rights, and rights between the spouses are considered in relation to the nature and background of community property systems.

LCIV L935 Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure 3 hrs.
This course examines the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure: Book I—Courts, Actions, and Parties; Book II—Ordinary Proceedings; Book III—Proceedings in Appellate Courts; Book IV—Execution of Judgments; Book V—Summary and Executory Proceedings; Book VI—Probate Procedure; Book VII—Special Proceedings (e.g., Attachment, Sequestration, and Injunction); Book VIII—Trial Courts of Limited Jurisdiction; and Book IX—Miscellaneous Provision and Definitions.

LCIV L940 Security Rights 3 hrs.
This course includes those sections of the Civil Code dedicated to security rights, including the contracts of suretyship, pledge, mortgages on immovables, privileges, deposit, and sequestration. Chapter 9 of Title 10 of the Revised Statutes also is given attention.

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