Extern Programs

Externships offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit outside of the classroom, while learning in the context of a working legal office.  The academic objectives of the program include: To Provide students with an opportunity to gain substantive legal experience,  under the direct supervision and guidance of an experienced attorney and professor, so as to develop professional identity; To build critical thinking and analytical reasoning necessary for practice;To provide opportunities for critical judgment and reflective thought upon various legal institutions.

First-year and second-year law students may apply to participate in the program during their next year of study. Enrollment is limited, some academic restrictions may apply and all students who qualify and are accepted must obtain the consent of the administration to participate.

Once selected externs are placed in a Field Placement Office (FPO) specific to an extern's area of interest. Over the course of the semester, the site supervisor and professor guide the extern through specific learning goals individualized for the student, such as, legal research, drafting, citation, professionalism and presentation or soft skills.  Students will learn specific areas of law related to the site office and reflect upon the law and experience in the classroom.

The Office of Skills and Experiential Learning and Law Clinic supervises the instruction and administration of the extern program. There is a required classroom component,  weekly reflective journals and timesheets to help prepare students for practice.

An extern must be willing to devote at least 12 – 15 hours a week to work assignments over two semesters.  Externships end the last week of class to allow students to prepare for exams. Externs are required to submit a twenty-five page written portfolio of the legal writing assignments prepared over the course of the semester.

To learn more about externships, including deadlines to apply, various Field Placements offered including a description of the type of assignments, please see www.law.loyno.edu/externships.

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