Math Placement

Math placement for all entering day-division undergraduate freshmen is based on the ACT or SAT test scores. These scores determine if any remedial work is required before the student may schedule the math course specified by his/her program. Loyola offers one remedial math course, MATH A092, Fundamentals of Algebra. Credit earned in MATH A092 is not applicable toward a degree, but the grade earned in this course is calculated into the grade point average.

Entering students who score at or above the Loyola-established score on the math portion of the ACT or SAT may receive exemption, depending on their degree program, for the required math. Science and mathematics majors whose required math is MATH A257, Calculus I, cannot be exempted from this course regardless of their ACT or SAT score. Please note that exemption is for the course only. Three hours will be added to the general elective requirement.

Transfer students are also required to take the math placement examination unless they transfer in a college-level (i.e., not remedial) math course with a minimum grade of C.