Plagiarism Appeals Policy

 If the matter cannot be amicably resolved in consultation with the instructor and chairperson up to 30 days after the beginning of the subsequent semester, excluding summers, the student has the right to submit a plagiarism appeal form to the dean of the college in which the course was offered a decision of the instructor indicating that the student is guilty of cheating, plagiarism, or misrepresentation.

  • The burden of proof will be upon the student.
  • It is the dean's decision to approve the request for an appeal. 
  • Upon approval, the dean shall appoint a committee consisting of the dean (or the dean’s designated representative), two faculty members, and a student to render a decision.
  • The dean or the dean’s designated representative will serve as the non-voting chairperson of the committee.
  • The student and instructor involved should be informed of the membership of the committee, and the dean should honor any reasonable objection either might have regarding the composition of the committee.
  • The decision of this committee is final.

If the dean should refuse a committee hearing to the student, he or she may appeal to the provost.

  • The provost may convene a committee composed of the provost or a representative, two faculty members, and one student from the college in which the appellant is enrolled.
  • The decision of this committee is final.