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Minor Requirements

The Catholic Studies minor includes the following 21 hours:
RELS J247 New Testament as Literature 3
RELS V252 Catholicism* 3

Must include at least one additional Catholic Studies course in the Department of Religious Studies and at least two courses in departments other than religious studies. Courses include:

  • CLHU U265 Pagans and Christians*
  • ENGL A316 Medieval Literature
  • ENGL A475 Great Figures– Medieval (Dante)
  • ENGL A490 Great Figures* (*When appropriate and with approval of advisor)
  • ENGL U297/HIST A307 Heroes and Monsters*
  • ENGL V285 Contemporary Catholic Writers*
  • HIST A304 Early Christianity
  • HIST A306 Middle Ages
  • HIST A307/ENGL U297 Heroes and Monsters*
  • HIST A310 Age of Reformation
  • HIST W239 Catholics: Their History*
  • HIST W240 Between Eve and Mary: Women in Medieval Europe*
  • HIST W256 The Crusades*
  • MUGN U271 Medieval Music and Mysticism*
  • PHIL A405 History of Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL A408 Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas
  • PHIL J270 Philosophy and Religion in the Middle Ages
  • PHIL V260 Social Justice*
  • PHIL V278 Philosophy of God*
  • PHIL V281 Philosophical Reasons and Catholic Faith*
  • PHYS J230/RELS J330 Faith, Science, and Religion
  • RELS A200 Early Christian Thought
  • RELS A201 Medieval Christian Thought
  • RELS A255 Synoptic Gospels
  • RELS A300 Pauline Writings
  • RELS A315 Johannine Literature
  • RELS A320 The Christian God
  • RELS A350 Christology
  • RELS A354 Dynamics of Salvation
  • RELS A358 Ecumenical Theology
  • RELS A400 Theology of Vatican II
  • RELS A430 Church & Sacraments
  • RELS J220 Bibilcal Literature in Roman and Medieval Context
  • RELS J330/PHYS J230 Faith, Science, and Religion
  • RELS J336 Parables of Jesus
  • RELS J339 Experience of Grace
  • RELS J344 Social Policy and the Christian
  • RELS J348 Christian Origins
  • RELS J358 Ignatius Loyola
  • RELS J386 Medieval Synthesis
  • RELS J388 Sin: History of an Idea
  • RELS U359 Jesus in the New Testament*
  • RELS V242 Christian Ethics*
  • RELS V391 The Mass of the Roman Rite*

* Between fall 2014 and fall 2017, U-Z lettered courses may be replaced by comparable A or J lettered courses. Additionally, U-Z courses may be discontinued if no replacement course is offered.