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Minor Requirements

The Legal Studies minor requires students to take seven courses, spread across at least two colleges and three departments.  No more than two courses may come from the same department.  Students may not use a course from their major to fulfill a minor requirement.

The Legal Studies minor requires 21 credit hours:
Total 21 hrs.

College of Business

  • ECON B330 Law and Economics
  • LGST B200 Business Law I
  • LGST B205 Legal Environment of Business
  • LGST B310 Law for International Business

College of Humanities and Natural Sciences


  • ENGL V234 Literature and Justice*


  • HIST A230 U.S. Legal History I
  • HIST A231 U.S. Legal History II
  • HIST A232 American Trials
  • HIST A305 Medieval Crime and Community

Languages and Cultures

  • CLHU U238 Justice in Greek Literature*


  • PHIL A225 Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL J234 Medical Ethics
  • PHIL V235 Philosophy of Right*


  • PSYC A215 Psychology & the Law

Religious Studies

  • RELS A400 Theology of Vatican II
  • RELS J344 Social Policy and the Christian
  • RELS U396 Law: Ancient World*

College of Music and Fine Arts

Music Industry Studies

  • MUIN M300 Legal Issues I
  • MUIN M301 Legal Issues II

College of Social Sciences

Criminal Justice

  • CRJU C105 Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems
  • CRJU C110 Criminology: Fundamentals
  • CRJU C220 Recent Supreme Court Decisions
  • CRJU C313 Criminal Evidence
  • CRJU C345 Seminar: Constitutional Law
  • CRJU C380 Ethics and Politics of Criminal Justice
  • CRJU C405 Criminal Law
  • CRJU C430 Legal Research and Writing

Mass Communication

  • CMMN A355 Covering the Courts
  • CMMN A401 Law of Mass Communication
  • CMMN A451 Media and American Courts

Political Science

  • POLS A212 The Legislative Process
  • POLS A218 Courts/Judges/Politics
  • POLS A300 Constitutional Law I
  • POLS A301 Constitutional Law II
  • POLS A340 Law among Nations
  • POLS X252 The Bill of Rights*


  • SOCI A215 Criminal Behavior
  • SOCI A216 Social Control
  • SOCI A315 Delinquency and Justice
  • SOCI A333 Correctional Institutions
  • SOCI J252 Violence and Society
  • SOCI X416 Gender, Law, and Social Control*

* Between fall 2014 and fall 2017, U-Z lettered courses may be replaced by comparable A-J lettered courses. Additionally, U-Z courses may be discontinued if no replacement course is offered.