Common Curriculum

The Common Curriculum (CC) stands as a clear expression of the Jesuit vision of education. The CC serves to provide a foundation in a genuinely humanistic education -- in philosophy, religious studies, literature, history, the sciences, and the arts -- complementing the major fields of study of every undergraduate's program. The CC is designed to challenge students to develop all of their talents to the fullest; it calls for critical thinking, reflection, and disciplined study.

The program is comprised of introductory and advanced courses, and is a holistic model focusing on developmentally appropriate learning objectives. Introductory courses provide the foundation for building skills and knowledge that progress to advanced courses focusing on application and integration. Each major's Degree Program Course Listing (DPCL) will list all common curriculum requirements and any applicable exceptions. Additionally, students can find out more about common curriculum requirements and exceptions by speaking with their faculty advisor or accessing resources available on the Academic Advising webpage.

Starting fall semester 2013, entering undergraduate students will complete a distinct Common Curriculum that includes significant revisions of the requirements offered in previous academic years.

The Common Curriculum Program

Introductory Common Curriculum (ICC) Courses  - 21 Credit Hours

ICC Section Course Number & Name Credit Hours
First-Year Seminar T121 Name varies by course 3 crs.
English ENGL T122 Critical Reading & Writing 3 crs.
History HIST T122 Global History I or
HIST T124 Global History II
3 crs.
Math MATH T122 Math Models or
MATH A115 Finite Math or
MATH A257 Calculus I
3 crs.
Philosophy PHIL T122 Philosophy of the Human Person 3 crs.
Religious Studies RELS T122 Religions of the World or
RELS T124 Christianity & Society
3 crs.
Science Process SCIE T129 Investigating Nature 3 crs.


Advanced Common Curriculum (ACC) Courses  - 21 - 24 Credit Hours

In the Advanced Common Curriculum, students will select from a variety of courses that satisfy a specific ACC requirement. All ACC eligible courses are indicated with a "J" in their course number.

The requirement any J-course satisfies will be indicated on the Loyola Online Records Access (LORA) system for registration, and additionally in the Course Descriptions bulletin section for each department.  

ACC Section Credit Hours
Creative Arts & Cultures (CAC) 2 - 3 crs.*
Engaging in Science - Lab 1 crs.
Ethics 0 - 3 crs.**
History 3 crs.
Natural Science in Context 3 crs.
Philosophy 3 crs.
Religious Studies 3 crs.
Social Science 3 crs.
Writing About Literature (WAL) 3 crs.

* Depends on course selected.

** Depends on major selected.

Foreign Language Courses - Total: 0 - 12 credit hours

Students in most majors (either as freshmen or as transfers) must pass a second-semester course in a foreign language or demonstrate equivalent knowledge by placing into a higher level on a departmental proficiency examination. Some degrees have individualized language requirements.

Foreign Language Competency Credit Hours
A100 Level Competency 3 crs.
A101 Level Competency 3 crs.
A200 Level Competency 3 crs.
A201 Level Competency 3 crs.


General Electives

The number of elective hours a student must complete depends on the major.