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Absence (see Attendance)
Academic Actions - Undergraduate
Academic Advising
Academic Calendar
Academic Enrollment Status 
Academic Grievance Procedure
Academic Honor Code
Academic Progress
Academic Regulations
Academic Resource Center
Academic Support Services and Facilities
      Accounting Course Descriptions
Add/Drop Period
Advanced Placement
African and African-American Studies Minor
American Studies Minor
Appeals Procedures
- Grade Appeals
Appeals Procedures - Honor Code
Arabic Course Descriptions
Art and Design, Department of
     Art and Design Course Descriptions
Asian Studies Minor
Auditing a Course


Bachelor of Accountancy
Bachelor of Arts in

      Classical Studies
      Criminal Justice

      Environmental Studies
      Graphic Design
      Languages and Cultures

      Mass Communication
      Political Science
      Religious Studies

Studio Art
      Theatre Arts
      Visual Arts
Bachelor of Business Administration in
      International Business

Bachelor of Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Humanities
Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Social Sciences

Bachelor of Music in:
      Guitar Performance
      Jazz Studies
      Keyboard Performance
      Music Industry Studies
      Orchestral Instrument Performance
      Music with Elective Studies
      Vocal Performance

Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Music Therapy
Bachelor of Science in
      Biological Sciences
      Environmental Science
      Mathematical Sciences
      Music Industry Studies 
      Psychological Sciences
Bachelor’s Degree, Second
Ballet Minor (see Theatre Arts & Dance)
Billing and Payment Policy
Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry
Biological Sciences, Department of
      Biology Course Descriptions
Board of Trustees
Business, College of
      College Overview
      Credit from Other Institutions
      Degrees & Programs
      Graduation Eligibility
      Independent Studies
      Minors for Business Majors

      Minors for non-Business Majors


Calendar, Academic
Catholic Studies Minor

Center for International Education
Change of:
     College or Major
Character and Commitment Statement, Loyola  
, Department of
     Chemistry Course Descriptions
Classical Studies, Department of Languages & Cultures
     Classical Studies Course Descriptions

     Humanities and Natural Sciences
     Music and Fine Arts
     Social Sciences

Common Curriculum
Computational Science Minor
Computer Labs
Computer Store
Correspondence Directory
Counseling Center (see Student Life & Services)
Course Repetition
Credit by Examination
Criminal Justice, Bachelor of (Professional & Continuing Studies)
Criminal Justice, Department of
     Criminal Justice Course Descriptions
Cross-College Programs
Cross Enrollments


Dance Course Descriptions
Dean’s List
Decision Science Course Descriptions
Directory, Correspondence
Disability Services (see Admissions)
Dismissal, Academic (see Academic Actions)
Dormitories - cost (see Residence Halls)

Dormitories - information (see Student Life & Services)
Double Major and Minor
Drop/Add Period 


Early Artists Program (see Admissions)
Early Entrance (see Admissions)
Early Law Admissions
Early Entrance (see Admissions)
Early Scholars Program (see Admissions)
Economics, Bachelor of Arts
Economics, Bachelor of Business Administration

      Economics Course Descriptions
Education Abroad Programs
E-mail Address Policy
Employer Tuition Reimbursement Program
Employment, Student
English, Department of

      English Course Descriptions
Enrollment (see Admissions)
Enrollment at Other Universities

Environment Program
      Environment Course Descriptions
Excess Aid/Overpayment
Exclusion, Academic
(see Academic Actions)


Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
Fees and Financial Regulations
FERPA (Family Education Rights & Privacy Act)
Film Studies Minor
Finance, Bachelor of Business Administration

      Finance Course Descriptions
Financial Aid
First-Year Experience
Foreign Language Requirements

Forensic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry
Forensic Science Course Descriptions
French, Department of Languages & Cultures
      French Course Descriptions


General Education Requirements (see Common Curriculum)
General Studies
German Course Descriptions
Goals of Loyola University

Grading - Undergraduate
Grade Appeals
Grade Changes
Grade Point Averages
Grade Reports

Graduate Courses for Undergraduate Students
      Eligibility for

Graphic Design (see Art & Design)
Greek Course Descriptions
Grievance Procedure, Academic


Harassment, Policy (see Student Handbook, Section 5)
Health Insurance (see Student Life & Services)
Health Services for Students (see Student Life & Services)
History, Department of

     History Course Descriptions
Honor Code, Academic
Honorary Organizations, Academic (see Student Affairs Activities)
Honors Program, University

     Honors Course Descriptions
Housing (see Student Life & Services)
Humanities, Bachelor of Liberal Studies
Humanities and Natural Sciences, College of

     College Overview

     Double Majors
     Early Law Admissions

     General Studies
     Limitations On Credit Toward Degrees


Identification Card (see Loyola Express Card)
Ignacio Volunteer Programs (see Spiritual Formation & Faith Development)
Immunization Policy (see Student Life & Services
Information Technology
Integrity of Scholarship and Grades
Intercollegiate Athletics and Wellness (see Student Affairs Activities)
International Business
, Bachelor of Business Administration
     International Business Course Descriptions
International Education, Center for
International Students (see Admissions)
Italian Course Descriptions


Japanese Course Descriptions
Jazz Studies, Bachelor of Music
     Jazz Studies Course Descriptions
Jesuit Center (see Spiritual Formation - Departments)
Jesuit Colleges and Universities, Association of 


Keyboard Performance, Bachelor of Music


Languages and Cultures, Department of
Late Registration
(see Drop/Add and Registration)
Latin American Studies, Department of Languages & Cultures
     Latin American Studies Course Descriptions
Latin Course Descriptions
Law, Early Admissions
Leave of Absence

Legal Studies Courses
Legal Studies Minor
Liberal Studies in Humanities, Bachelor of
Liberal Studies in Social Sciences, Bachelor of
Library, J. Edgar & Louise S. Monroe (University)
Linguistics Course Descriptions
Loans, Student
Loyola Character and Commitment Statement 
Loyola Express Card (see also: Student Life & Services)
Loyola University New Orleans, Story of


Major, Change of
Major, Double
Management, Bachelor of Business Administration
     Management Course Descriptions
Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration
     Marketing Course Descriptions
Mass Communication, School of
     Mass Communication Course Descriptions
Math Placement
Mathematical Sciences, Department of

     Mathematics Course Descriptions
Mathematics Center
Meal Plans

Medical Withdrawal from the University
Medieval Studies Minor
Middle East Peace Studies Minor
Military Science (ROTC)

Minors - All Minors
     Interdisciplinary Minors
Minors for Business Majors
Mission Statement, Loyola University New Orleans
Monthly Tuition Payments
Music and Fine Arts, College of
     College Overview
Music, School of
Music Course Descriptions
     Music Education Course Descriptions
     Music Ensemble Course Descriptions
     Music General Course Descriptions

     Music History and Literature Course Descriptions
     Music Industry Studies Course Descriptions
     Music Jazz Studies Course Descriptions
     Music Pedagogy Course Descriptions
     Music Private Instruction Course Descriptions
     Music Performance Course Descriptions
     Music Theory Course Descriptions

     Music Therapy Course Descriptions
Music Industry Studies, Department of
     Music Industry Studies Course Descriptions


Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC)
New Orleans Studies Minor
New Student Orientation (see Student Life & Services)
Nondiscrimination, Policy on  (see Admissions)
Nursing, Bachelor of Science

     Nursing Course Descriptions


Orientation (see Admissions)
/ Excess Aid


Payment & Billing
Payment, Monthly
Physics, Department of
     Physics Course Descriptions
Philosophy, Department of

     Philosophy Course Descriptions
Placement, Math
Plagarism Appeals Procedure
Policy on Harassment  (see Student Handbook, Section 5)
Policy on Intellectual Property and Rights (see Academic Regulations)
Policy on Nondiscrimination
Policy on Release of Information (FERPA)
Policy on Students with Disabilities (see Admissions)
Policy on Syllabi
Political Science, Department of

     Political Science Course Descriptions
Pre-Engineering Programs
     Pre-Engineering Physics
Pre-Health Programs

     Pre-Health Physics
     Pre-Health Psychology
Pre-Law Programs
     Pre-Law History
     Pre-Law Philosophy
Probation (see Academic Actions - Undergraduate)
Programs for Entering Freshman and Transfer Students
Programs of Study  
Psychological Sciences, Department of

     Psychology Course Descriptions



Readmit Students (see Admissions)
Records Retention Policy  
Recreational Sports (see Student Affairs Activities)
Refund Policy

Regulations, Academic
Release of Information, Policy on (FERPA)
Religious Studies, Department of
     Religious Studies Course Descriptions
Repetition of Courses
Residence Halls - Room Rates & Fees
     Board (Meals)
Resignation from University (see Withdrawal)
Ross Foreign Language Center
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)


Second Bachelor’s Degree
Security of Student Records
Service Learning
Sexual Harassment, Policy on (see Student Handbook, Section 5)
Social Sciences, College of
     College Overview
     College Requirements for Degree
     Curriculum Design
     Curriculum for Professional Studies Students
     Limitations onf Credit Towards Degrees
     Double Majors
     General Studies
     Early Law School Admissions
Social Science, Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Sociology, Department of
     Sociology Course Descriptions
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - SACS (see Accreditation)
Spanish Course Descriptions
Special Evaluation for Applicants
(see Admissions)
Speech Course Descriptions
Spiritual Life
Sports - Recreational Sports & Intercollegiate Athletics (see Student Affairs Activities)
Statement of Educational Purpose
Story of Loyola University New Orleans
Student Activities
Student Affairs Activities
Student Assessments
(see Academic Regulations)
Student Government Association (see Student Affairs Activities)
Student Grievances and Complaints (see Academic Grievance Procedure)
Student Health Service (see Student Life & Services)
Student Housing (see Student Life & Services)
Student Orientation (see Student Life & Services)
Student Spiritual Formation
Student Union - University Programming Board (see Student Affairs Activities)
Study Skills (see Academic Resource Center)
Summer Session
Syllabus Policy


Technical Support and Training (see Information Technology)
Telephone Services
(see Information Technology)
Theatre Arts and Dance, Department of
     Dance Course Descriptions
     Theatre Arts Course Descriptions
Transfer of Coursework (see Admissions)
Tuition, Deposits, and Fees
     Billing and Payment

     Financial Aid
     Refund Insurance (see Fees & Financial Regulations)
     Refund Policy
     Monthly Payments
Tutorial Services
(see Academic Resource Center)


University Honors Program
University (J. Edgar and Louise S. Monroe) Library
University Programming Board (see Student Affairs Activities)
Upward Bound Project


Veterans Certifications
Visual Arts
(see Department of Art & Design)
Visual Arts Course Descriptions
Vocal Performance, Bachelor of Music


Whelan Children’s Center
Withdrawal from Courses
Withdrawal from University
Writing Across the Curriculum
Women's Studies Minor

     Women's Studies Course Descriptions